Friday, 7 September 2012

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Promo.

Haven't posted on here in awhile. I've been watching the Vampire Diaries promo over & over! It's amazing! I can't believe that Bonnie wants to kill herself to go to the other side & try to bring Elena back! Also Jeremy is hilarious with his "Did your fangs come in yet?" line. Damon is definitely right, they can't stop Elena from becoming a vampire. I have a feeling Caroline is going to be really pissed because Klaus and her look like they're hooking up..and she thinks it's Tyler! OMG Caroline is in a car accident, I hope she will be okay! So excited for season 4!!

Here's the season 4 promo:

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Top Damon/Elena Moments In Season 2

Since the season is over here is my list of the best Damon/Elena moments in season 2:

11) Damon and Elena-2x01 The Return Scene:
 In the season 2 premiere where Damon came in & he kisses her. "There's something between the two of us, and you're lying to me, you're lying to Stefan and you're lying to yourself.".  I thought this was so sweet when Damon said that & I love how Elena told Damon "I care about you."

10) Damon & Elena Kiss In Stefan's Dream-2x04 Bad Moon Rising
It was so sweet to see how they would be like if they are a couple. Even though it was a dream, it was a nice moment between Damon and Elena and they looked so happy together.
9) Damon & Elena Dance-2x18 The Last Dance:
I love how Elena looked so happy in this moment and how Damon made her smile. Damon made her laugh and took her mind off what was going on. I love how he said to her "the vampires were all argggh and you were all ahh."

8) Damon & Elena at the Grill- 2x13 Daddy Issues:
They talk in the washroom and Elena tries to convince Damon again to be the better man saying that Tyler. "He needs to die, I'm willing to kill. It's a win-win situation." I love this scene between them, its sweet how she's trying to convince him to do the right thing."

7) Damon and Elena At John & Jenna's Funeral-2x21 The Sun Also Rises
There is a moment where Elena is by the grave and looks over at Damon with tears in her eyes. You can tell in this moment that she really needs Damon to be there for her and that she is slowly on the way to forgiving him.

6) Damon Asking Elena For Forgiveness-2x22 As I Lay Dying
Damon is so desperate for Elena's forgiveness since he is dying. Elena says she needs more time. Instead of Damon telling her that he is dying he tells her to take all the time she needs. I thought this was so sweet because even though he was dying he didn't want to push Elena into forgiving him.

5) Damon Talking to Elena Before She Comes Back To Life-2x21 The Sun Also Rises
In this scene we really see that Damon regrets his decision to feed Elena his blood. You can tell that here that he knew he made a mistake and was happy that there was an alternative. His quote describes this perfectly "you better not come back as a vampire or I'll stake you myself because I can't stand the thought of you hating me forever."

4) Damon Tells Elena He Can't Lose Her-2x20 The Last Day
Damon is so sweet and protective of Elena here. Elena is convinced that the elixir will work but Damon isn't so sure and doesn't want to take the risk. You can really see her just how much Damon cares about Elena and doesn't want to lose her. I love her reaction to when he says "I can't lose you.". She says you won't which is trying to convince Damon that she isn't going anywhere.

3) Damon Tells Elena He Will Always Choose Her-2x18 The Last Dance:
Elena in this moment realizes that she was wrong to slap Damon and she understands here why he made the decision to let Bonnie use her powers to try and kill Klaus. I love how he said that if it comes down to her and Bonnie dying he will gladly let Bonnie die because "I will always choose you." In this moment you realize that Damon is willing to do anything to save Elena.

2) Damon Tells Elena He Loves Her-2x08 Rose
This scene was so sweet. Damon finally admits to Elena that he loves her. He makes her forget telling her that he doesn't deserve her but Stefan does. Damon is crying while he compels Elena to forget and you can tell that it is breaking his heart to have to make her forget.

1) Elena Kisses Damon-2x22 As I Lay Dying
The moment me (and countless other Damon/Elena fans) have been waiting for!! The whole kiss scene and the moments leading up to it were the best Damon/Elena moments of the series. Elena is so sweet and I thought it was so adorable that she refused to leave Damon side and wanted to stay with him until the very end. Throughout this whole scene Elena was trying so hard to keep it together but when Damon told her that he loved her she started crying more. I love how she said she likes him the way he way is and then kisses him on the lip. I think that in this moment Elena realized just how much she cares about Damon and that she couldn't let him die without showing him how she felt. I love this moment between them-its very sweet.

Thoughts on The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale & Ideas On What Might Happen In Season 3!!

I thought the finale was amazing!! Aww poor Damon! He had some awesome moments with Alaric in this scene (I love Alaric). I thought the flashbacks were pretty cool especially the one where it flipped back and forth b/w Damon wanting to drink Katherine's blood and then biting Elena. I love how she helped him out and wouldn't leave his side. I am so happy that Elena kissed Damon. I love the line she said to him "I like you now. Just the way you are.". I love how she was there for him and how Katherine caught on that Elena is love with both brothers by saying "It okay to love them both. I did." Katherine actually had a few surprising moments in this episode one being her giving the blood to Damon and the second by her actually showing emotion when Klaus was hurting Stefan.

Speaking of Stefan I LOVED his storyline. I did not expect the cure for the werewolf bite to be Klaus's blood. I felt bad for him when Klaus made him drink blood bag after blood bag. Poor guy he was living off very little human blood and mostly animal blood & now he's forced to go back to his old habits by giving into human blood. At the end he wasn't even hesitating at all when he went in and killed that girl! I love that he was so worried about his brother that he was willing to give into his old ways and leave town with Klaus. Also Klaus staking Elijah was a really shocking scene!

Also Caroline/Liz had an adorable scene, I am so happy that her mom has finally accepted her.

Jeremy's storyline was really intriguing. I felt so bad for him when he was in the grill with Damon and the sheriff shot him! That scene was so sad but I am so happy that Bonnie was able to get the witches to help her in the end to save him. I know the witches said there would be consequences but I was so surprised by the twist at the end. I can't believe that Jeremy can see ghosts and that Vicky and Anna are back!

As to season 3 i've heard that its going to be the year of the originals. It'll be really interesting to see more of the Originals history and to possibly meet the other family members. I'm really excited to see what will happen with Jeremy since he can now see ghosts. I wonder what exact plans Klaus has in store for Stefan. I can't wait for the show to return!

Favorite Quotes:

1) "I'm sorry you've reached somebody who's currently not operating."-Alaric Saltzman
2) "I like you now. Just the way you are."-Elena Gilbert
3) "What's the plan superman?"-Damon Salvatore
4) "Trouble is, I don't know if you'd be of any good to me the way you are now You are just shy of useless."-Klaus
4) "You can thank me tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that...and the day after that."-Alaric Saltzman